Saturday, 28 February 2015

LCD Repair

Whether you have dropped or spilled fluid on your mobile phone, its LCD screen is anything but difficult to harm. It is comprised of a fluid precious stone material that is pressed between two glass plates. Repairing your phone's LCD screen includes supplanting the screen totally, a muddled system because of the minimal inward outline of most PDAs. It includes totally disassembling the telephone's external packaging.
It appears that the lengths of there are PDAs; there will be broken LCD screens. It is continually disappointing when it happens, yet it is once in a while important to discard your cell, or spend the additional cash to supplant your mobile phone. One of the most ideal approaches to repair your PDA's LCD screen is to supplant the LCD screen yourself.

We, Cellfix provides LCD repairing services to you as we repair your LCD through professionals who are experts in LCD repairing and it does not cost you much since we understand the loss of your money.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Let the harm be settled

The S4 was initially touted as having an "extensive screen", but littler than the Notes do, and they weren't joking. The screen is decent and expansive, with a great determination show. It's not in the same class as a retina showcase, nothing else is that sharp, yet it is essentially bigger. The telephone itself feels robust, and the metal angle around the outside edge provides for it that quality feel past models didn't have.

So in the event that you've broken your screen on a brand, new Galaxy S4 and feel hopeless maybe on the grounds that you don't even have protection, there's really a way which is Samsung Galaxy S4 Glass repair. On the off chance that you have recognized that the external glass on your Samsung Galaxy S 4G is broken and "picture" under the glass is likewise harmed then this administration is ideal for you which provides for you the best of Samsung Galaxy S4 Glass repair.

Monday, 16 February 2015

The immense LCD repairing offer

Owning a cell phone like a cell phone or tablet offers you possibly unlimited measures of data, assets, and administrator help at the swipe of your finger. Numerous think of them as the most imperative instrument of an era and like any great apparatus they must be kept up. Yet even all these oblige fitting use as they may get harmed basically the screens and LCDs yet fortunately in the event that we discuss Samsung system note 2 it has an extremely awesome choice of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LCD repair.
So in the event that you have a Samsung Galaxy Note II, you likely utilize it consistently to finish a mixed bag of individual and business errands. In the event that your screen gets to be harmed on your Samsung Galaxy, in any case, it can meddle with your capacity to finish those assignments. In spite of the fact that you may be considering supplanting the whole gadget, this is a lavish alternative. You can restore your Galaxy Note 2 to much the same as it was the point at which it was new by buying Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LCD repair right here at cellfixx at a much lower cost!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

We Save Your Mobile Life

In this modernized era where technologies are being advanced at face pace so as those devices which are the resources to use those technologies are becoming smaller in size more and more, day by day. People are unaware of full usage of their cellular phones because of this rapid advancement of technologies, and one of the most fast paced and evolving devices is Cellphone which even outclasses the functions of personal computers which enables the user to access the information of the world on his hand, to play games to deal with boredom and to make connections if someone lives in different country, a small device which brings people at one place.

If you use the cellular phone daily means you are dependent on it as it fulfills your purpose to use but what if it gets damaged or requires repairing?

You are going to ask yourself which shop gives best services in cellular phone repair?

For that purpose, we have best resources, techniques and professional guidelines to diagnose the problems you face with your cellular phone of any brand or model and get back to you with your cellular phone repaired. We have professionals who are well-trained cellular phone repairing and optimize the usage of your cellular phone of any size or brand or model. We understand the importance of cellular phone which brings comfort in your life that’s why we put efforts to bring the full satisfaction to our customers in order to earn the long term trust and confidence.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


About Phone Unlocking: Mainly, companies provide you cellphones which are being locked or restricted to use few service providers or networks on your mobile. You can use alternative networks depending upon their service onto your mobile by unlocking it.

Reasons for phone unlock:

* Unlocking your phone allow you to switch in among service providers.

* In case, if you are on business trip or vacations or travelling for any reason, therefore you need your phone to be unlocked in order to use your local network from abroad.

* In America, White house signed the bill to make the cellphone unlocking legal.

* Every time when you switch from one country another, you will have to buy new mobile. Unlocking your mobile increases your cellphone’s value because you purchased it so you should use it to its fullest potential.

* It saves hundreds of your spending while travelling from one to another, you just have to use local sim card of any country you arrive and here you go!

We have expertise in unlocking your cellphone safely having simplest solutions to use which will enable you to use any service provider you want to, you just have to install the code which will be provided by us.

We have years of experience as we have unlocked hundreds of cellphones of different brands and models. You don’t have to spend your precious time on any local shops where people are not well-trained or do not possess right qualification to do the job for you.
For more details visit : cellfixx

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Samsung Phone batteries solution

It becomes difficult and annoying when you find your mobile on which you spend tons of money, is not working properly and Battery issues are very common in cellphone fixing issues. Mostly people do not have proper knowledge to use their smartphones that’s why they face more problems when they don’t find someone who can fix their problems. You don’t have to spend time searching for Samsung phone batteries as we provide convenient priced mobile batteries. You can search or browse the range of Samsung phone batteries and select the most appropriate one from the list for your cellphone.
If you have issue like your current battery is drinking too much charging and you face difficulty as you have to put it on charge after every couple of hours then you come at the right place as we can replace and provide the best, efficient and reliable battery for your set so you will no longer have to face that issue in future. You do not have to waste your time on the road searching for the reliable battery for your set, you just have to contact us without any hesitation and the ordered item will be on your door which will save your time as well as extra money which you will be spending in finding the right battery. We keep wide range of Samsung phone batteries stock of every model present in the market to best facilitate troubled customer in order to fulfill our commitment we make.